Andrey Efi

Artist, curator.
Main specialization - painting, drawing, syncretic art. And also - film, literature, art theory (abstra-gen), teaching activities.
Member of Union of Artists Saint-Petersburg (Russia)  since 1990.
Together with Andrei Kolkutin (Naltchik) and Evgeniy Lindin (Moscow) he founded the art group "foster brother". Since the mid 90-es of the last century has been relevant (conceptual) art. He writes scripts and shoots movie.
Author of theoretical research: Theory of 'Abstra-Gen'-
"PAINTING - Writing (origins of; interference)", (in russian language), Moscow 1993.

Participated in more than 100 domestic and foreign exhibitions and artistic events.

The paintings (monotypes) of artist are in the State Russian Museum, as well as in private collections in Australia, England, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Canada, Russia, S Sh A, Switzerland, Sweden ...

Since 1998 collaboration with international art group "T.R.O.", "Luna Nera", "Coyote inc".
2003 - 2006g.g. - Art director of "Deboshir Film Festival"; beginning of cooperation with Alexander Bashirov.
2002 - 2003 - Curated video program of "SOLO DANCE" Festival (St.-Petersburg)
2003 -  art director of "ENTHUSIASMUS" festival (Russian House, Berlin)
2004 - founder and director of festival tendentious art "ARTZOND" (St.Petersburg)
2004 - curator of the festival "1: 1" (St.-Petersburg - Münster, Germany)

In the end of 80-es, on the change of historical phase in the history of the country (USSR), there are also new artists who have and think in new ways and do not agree to follow the instructions in the art, and the instructions of the political machine. One of these was and Andrey Efi, he began experimenting with the acquired knowledge of the realistic craft a landmark, in the field of painting. A little later, in the mid-90s immersed in contemporary art (stocks, performances, installations, etc.). He creates a number of interesting installations and artifacts, as well as numerous actions and happenings, here can be attributed, and curatorial work, such as t the Artcontcept- Artzond festival .

«Well, the basis of his art (according to post-modern tradition), are closely intertwined various myths, symbols and signs that form the expressive material model (product) having the ability to appeal to the sensible reality. Note that Efi has highly artistic taste and he always manages to take pictures of exactly the characters that correspond to more fully "literary" disclosure of the story in his view, and explain an art essence, purpose, and he realizes that everyone used sign capable of being taken out of historical context, forms the artistic space, giving it a new (original) meaning and value, if the words of the artist himself he did not quite understand the role of the mark in the future work, it is better to even be on its application. The epicenter of the immanent analysis of the artist's design stands by "meta-language" language of symbols (as Roland Barthes ) new connotative meanings that can be combined into a single space all figurative works, where the image is a bunch of artistic experience and its own vision. In the same time, an important element is not so much the use of signs, but there is artistic image receiving symbolic meaning and incorporated in the study of the sensible reality. The invariance of the characters (usually geometric shapes: circle, triangle, as well as symbols of ancient mifologem- maze thread, zigzag, etc.) moving from one work to another author, form a single, coherent and meaningful art space, capable of organizing mediated dialogue between the subjects of the creative process.
In the picturesque palette of the artist's early works, often present a monochrome scheme. Later Efi palette imbues the whole spectrum of colors, as well as starting to weave in a picture collage, filling texture (surface) textile "inserts", interspersed; thus it enhances the expressiveness of the semiotic character, and the whole works.
Artistic image takes a symbolic meaning, only when one of the signs of its components, is not only related to subject, but also ikonografichno interpreted and incorporated in the study, according to its value. That is why the use of certain semiotic values ​​in the process of formation of semantic panoramas and further decoding of the product code is necessary observance of the iconography of a sign. For example, the point of appealing to the very beginning of all things, in Leibniz's terminology, and seems a monad, the embodiment of unity, and the point enclosed in a circle (as in "Impulse" -2002y.) - A symbol of the manifested spirit or sacred embryo universe, a kind of space in space. In this case, the triangle shows the top down, that is a symbol of male identity, the personification of a person while running from the top of the triangle thread - an ancient symbol of human destiny, with the inherent characteristic of this symbol sacred.

Important and may be principally in the works of Efi is immanent appeal to different symbolic systems with which it is constructed individual understanding of the iconography of the Sign woven into the space of the picture (as a talking book) with the new semantics and emotional vector. »

Svetlana Nezabudkin, Art researcher

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