Art Group Foster Brothers

How the group was created.

Artists live in different cities, Andrey Efi in Saint-Petersburg, Andrei Kolkutin in Naltchik, Evgeniy Lindin in Moscow.
Kolkutin and Efi knew each other since beginning of the 80-es, firstly, they lived in Nalchik before began to study in Leningrad, then in the mid-eighties when Kolkutin finally got back to Nalchik, and they have approached – their views of art in many respects coincide. Aesthetic views and conceptions of one and other artist are almost the same on the basic principles of art and creativity are understood and based on the general platform.
In the end of 1989 Efi moves to St. Petersburg.
In 1988 they (Efi and Kolkutin) met E. Lindin at the house of creativity for artists – "Senezh", it is in Moscow area. Probably, from that point is possible to consider that creative courses of life of artists closely intertwined. The house of creativity "Senezh" is a special milestone in life for many artist of that time. In Soviet times all creative unions in the country as these unions were official divisions of the Ministry of Culture and were under control of the power, and all houses of creativity in the territory of the USSR were supervised and controlled by the political 'ideology' of the state. Nevertheless, three our authors didn't create the epic 'canvases' dedicated to - 'toilers of fields', 'labor for plants' and 'poultry farms', they created something indifferent and not so corresponding to social request of the state-machine.
Lindin  extremely designated the dislike for a socialist realism and painted numerous of abstract canvases.
Andrey Efi addressed his view (searches) to the systems of sign and symbolical aesthetics, as a result he has come to such type of the narration in a picture which is called - Sign Painting.
Kolkutin attracted to naive and primitive art (in particular Russian icon) interspersed (mixed) up with Malevich theses. By the time the crisis and the collapse of the political, economic and social systems of the Soviet Union has already entered the final stage, and in this meaning for creative  people it starts the time to create a true, modern "uncut" art. Artists, of which we speak, fall into this category. 'Conceptual art' or 'conceptualism' are the words was out in Russian language in  the 80-es, and our painters have got the understanding of the meaning of these words more later, but they even did not know what they were doing conceptual Art!  When and why they decided to designate themselves as the group, is better depict in a short "manifesto" of 2000, there are everything is clear and there is nothing to add.

Alla Frank – Art researcher

The only one exhibition of the group Foster Brothers happened for a long time  ago - in 2001, ( 20 October to 14 December) in the gallery Palette in St. Petersburg.

With sadness and regret we say that in the summer of 2015 Evgeniy Lindin died in Bulgaria. Friends regret his early retirement from the reality, well, here it is as follows.
But Janja (Evgeniy) is always with us,  his soft voice, his welcoming smile, a jantle ironic jokes, his paintings, everything about him in our memory with us

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