Andrey Efi, Eugeny Lindin, Andrei Kolkutin

Summer 2000, Moscow
Before we decided to create our group every one of us was going his own way in the Art Road, and every one got the results independently. Actually a group is  not the fact of a team-work  or  job; we  live in different cities and like before – we are independent in the creative researches, and in this sense we cannot have strifes in a bosom of art; as we are friends for a long time. It seems we should to organize something like this as it's always were something around, something similar too: groups, manifests etc... But we only liked simply to meet us in companies among friends: to drink; chat; listen to music; dance, go to museums and exhibitions.  And we never got argue among us about art, never… well, certainly, sometimes we talk about Art, but  we are  well informed about our inclinations — everey one of us (but you can watch it in our paintings), but - we never argued up to stupefaction, up to ­ blue flame or to knifing, and actually there is no need - everyone is all-sufficient.

What is unites us?
1. We do not want to destroy anything.
2. We do not need any slogans and appeals that we are the best, clever, ingenious — better to be more self-irony, self-examination, self-awareness.
3. We drank, and we drink, and we will drink; and we like the society of beautiful women still.
4. Art – above the all !

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