'Conception – Returns’.
Exposition by Andrey Efi and Andrei Kolkutin
17 May – 10 June 2016.
Opening at 18:00 pm. 83, Embankment. Moyka ,  Saint-Petersburg, Gallery ‘Coler’.
The second exhibition of the group of artists Foster Brothers  passes through 15 years, first held in 2001 in the gallery Palette.
In 2000 the group organized three artists, it’s – Andrey Efi, Eugeniy Lindin and Andrei Kolkutin.
The exhibition will feature works of Andrey Efi and Andrei Kolkutin Concept of paintings by Andrey Efi – is a symbiosis between mythology and legends with their individual understanding and presentation of cultural and historical events, which he transforms into a (symbolic)
signs. He directs the Signs into space of painting, and they play the roles that they are should do by idea of author.
Thus, the artist achieves the fact that past and present are so close to each other, and in fact inseparable.
As the artist explains it – “a person with his emotions and feelings all the same as 5000 years ago,” and therefore there is no difference between the processes taking place inside a person today and the deep past. Still goes of “all the same.”
The last few years Andrei Kolkutin under the interest in sculptural forms. Therefore, Kolkutin presents here some paintings, as well as recent sculptures made by the author from the old fence boards. Yes, it’s a bit surprising, but this material the artist prefers to embody the artistic images of his works. Subjects and materials complement each other, and most closely conform to the styleof the artist, is a synthesis of folk and abstract Suprematist with a modern interpretation.

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